First Monitor Canada

First Monitor Canada was founded in 1981, in the city of Montreal, Canada, where the spirit of business and innovation is embodied. The company strives to provide distinguished commercial services and manage orders with the highest levels of quality and efficiency, as the company's vision is to meet customers' needs and provide high-quality products that meet their aspirations and help them achieve their commercial goals, whether within the borders of Canada or in global markets.

We act responsibly and provide services of the highest standards

In order to keep pace with the rapid progress in the world of information technology and meet customer requirements efficiently, FMC developed its work mechanisms and built strong partnerships with PAL4It Information Technology Company and Alderi General Trading Company, and we launched the AlderiShop e-commerce website. This website is considered a main window for our commercial offers and an interactive interface that facilitates the shopping process for our customers with ease and convenience. Which contributes to enhancing the online shopping experience in an innovative and simple way. We always strive to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers and provide innovative commercial solutions that meet the needs of their projects with precision and mastery.


We take pride in our rigorous quality assurance practices. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that every product and service we deliver meets the highest standards of excellence, reliability, and consistency.